Pressure Vessel

  • Vulcanizing Tank

    Vulcanizing Tank

    Steam vulcanizer adopts automatic control of temperature, pressure and curing time.The vulcanizing tank produced by our company is a kind of energy-saving vulcanizing equipment, which has achieved a good operation effect when working.Steam vulcanizing tank diameter 600mm - 55000mm, can be customized according to customer requirements of direct steam heating vulcanizing tank, steam from the bottom of the tank into the tank is set at the bottom of the steam inlet, air inlet by pneumatic Angle seat valve automatic control.The steam diffusion pipe is arranged vertically at the bottom of the tank, and the steam holes in the diffusion pipe are arranged vertically (according to certain rules and inclined angles, so as to ensure that the temperature of the steam enters the tank evenly diffuses around, preventing the uneven diffusion of steam and the uneven heating of the products caused by direct steam heating, and the temperature in the vulcanized tank is uniform without dead Angle.After setting the working program, the control system will automatically boost the pressure, temperature, vulcanization, exhaust and other work, and automatically close after vulcanization and send out sound and light alarm sound prompt.Vulcanization tank temperature and pressure to maintain constant, uniform, to solve the tank products due to uneven temperature and pressure, resulting in different product quality.

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  • Fixed Tube-sheet Heat Exchanger

    Fixed Tube-sheet Heat Exchanger

    Fixed tube-plate heat exchanger has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, convenient cleaning of tube side, tube side can be divided into multiple stages, shell side can also be divided into double stages, wide range of specifications, so it is widely used in engineering.Shell side cleaning is difficult, for dirty or corrosive media should not be used.When the expansion difference is large, the expansion joint can be set on the shell to reduce the thermal stress caused by the temperature difference between tube and shell side.

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