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Brand Huaning Anticorrosion
Number of Employees 201-500 People
Established in 1976

Hubei Huaning Anticorrosion Technic Share Co., Ltd. is an industrial enterprise whose main business is the research,development and production of industrial Anti-corrosion (Anti-abrasion) materials and the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete sets of Anti-corrosion (Anti-abrasion) equipment.The company was established in 1976 ,privatized and restructured in 2001, with more than 200 employees.The company covers an area of 140,000 square meters, plant building area of 80,000 square meters, with all kinds of production and testing equipment more than 400 sets , annual output value of 300-400 million CNY.

The "New material complex" in the second phase planning and construction covers a construction area of 65,000 square meters with a total investment of 146 million CNY. Relying on its existing anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion research institute, it will put into producing new material projects including high anti-abrasion mineral elastomic products, PPH product line and ceramicized silicone rubber composite materials. It is estimated that the output value will reach 800 million to 1 billion CNY after all the projects are put into production.To become a professional industrial park with strong influence in the industry at home and abroad.

The Company's main products are rubber lining for equipment,rubber lined pipe,rubbr lind tank,heat exchanger,pickling bath,series pro-vulcanized rubber sheet, heat-vulcanized rubber sheet, and natural vulcanized rubber sheet,the tensile strength, elongation, hardness, and chemical resistance performance of the rubber sheets are more exceeded than the national standards. The company produces different kinds of adhesives matching the rubber sheets, the adhesive strength reaches the international leading level, and has the advantages of convenient construction and strong environmental adaptability.The products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, fine chemical industry (titanium dioxide, phosphorus chemical industry, chlor-alkali, printing and dyeing, etc.), thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization, nuclear power, water treatment, food, medicine, seawater desalination and other industries.The company undertakes various kinds of anti-corrosion (anti-abrasion) equipment single lining and combined lining, including rubber lining, glass flake lining, fiber reinforced lining, block lining, spraying polyurea lining, etc.The company provides the design, site construction and technical services of metal thermal spraying layer, coating layer and workshop anti-corrosion floor.

Over the years, the company's products and technologies are widely used in various industrial anti-corrosion/anti-abrasion fields and key projects at home and abroad,also directly or in the mode of contract foreign projects to export to kazakhstan, Ecuador, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Australia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Gabon, Congo, Nigeria,Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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